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Schill's Shop

CNC Milling / Welding / Metal Fabrication

The Schill family got it's start in metal working in 1947 with a small shop located in Walhalla ND. It has since fostered three generations of metal workers, welders and machinists. We are proud to bring over 70 years of customer service and satisfaction to every job. We aim to help you expand production and streamline your processes, ultimately saving you money.  


Areas Of Service

Meeting All of Your Needs

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CAD/CAM Design


Metal Fab and Welding

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CNC Milling

3D Modeling

We offer 3D CAD modeling based on the customer's needs. We utilize CAM software to ensure an efficient and accurate machining process.

Full Service Welding Shop

A full range of welding and metal working is available at Schill's Shop. We offer farm equipment and machinery repair and are happy to create parts tailored to your designs.

Vertical Milling

Our vertical machining is done with a HAAS VF2SS with table travels of 30"x16"x20".  

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